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How it works


Simply put, we convert your old boring plastic debit/credit card into metal (stainless steel).

We transplant the EMV from your plastic card onto your new metal card. (Patented Technology). We also transfer the data of your magnetic strip over to the metal card. 

You will have a fully functional metal credit card (Swipe and EMV chip) except for the tap and pay feature (Contactless). You can certainly use your smartphone for the tap and pay feature. 


  1. Simply place your order from the available designs from our website or add your custom design.

  2. After purchase you will then receive an email with shipping instructions along with video link to self-transfer the chip and mockup of your customised card for confirmation before we engrave.

  3. Now you have the option to either send us your card for EMV chip and Magnetic strip data transfer or you can transfer EMV chip by yourself, for which the procedure for EMV chip transplant will be shared once you place your order. Note that you won’t be able to transfer magnetic strip data, that can be done only if you send us your card for the transfer procedureIf you wish to send us your card then place your plastic/metal card into any envelope and affix the label on the envelope and mail it out. (In case you just want this card for novelty purpose you can request us in personalization option to add dummy chip during purchase, additional cost will incur for this and invoice will be sent to you if dummy chip option is selected)

  4. We will receive your card in 2-5 business days if followed our shipping instructions properly which is emailed after purchase.

  5. Once received, we will laser your desired design on to the metal card, remove the EMV chip from your plastic card and transplant it onto the metal card. We then transfer the magnetic strip data onto the metal card from your plastic card. This will be done in 24hrs.

  6. Once your card completed, we will email you a photo of your card and the tracking number for your new metal card. It will be shipped out the same day by Aramex, UPS, Fedex depending on the service available in your country and service you choose.

Transfer Process

"No Heat" EMV Chip Transplant

The EMV chip from the original plastic card is removed and implanted to the new metal card; old plastic card is rendered obsolete. The new metal card is functional by inserting the chip or swiping the magnetic stripe. RFID/Contactless/TAP feature is disabled during the transplant procedure. This procedure is available to clients worldwide.

Transplant/Chip swap procedure success rates by card types (See list below)

  • AMEX Metal cards like Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum, Delta Skymiles and any other metal AMEX cards are 98.6% successful by this procedure.

  • Plastic AMEX Cards like Everyday Preferred, Blue Cash Everyday, Blue Business Cash, Hilton Honors, Membership Rewards, Platinum Reserve and Travel Card are 98.6% successful and AE Green, AE Plum and AE Gold Express cards are 88.2% successful with this procedure (small & large chip) RFID/Contactless/TAP feature is disabled during the transplant procedure.

  • Plastic Discover Cards are 92.5% successful with this procedure (small & large chip) RFID/Contactless/TAP feature is disabled during the transplant procedure.

  • Plastic Visa Cards are 92% successful with this procedure (small & large chip) RFID/Contactless/TAP feature is disabled during the transplant procedure.

  • Plastic MasterCards have the lowest success rate of 68% and we do not recommmend this card for transfer.

  • ​All Metal Cards are 98% successful with this procedure (small & large chip) RFID/Contactless/TAP feature is disabled during the transplant procedure.

There is success rate magnetic strips data transfer as well. Some bank cards magnetic strips are not supportable after transfer and unfortunately we do not have much information about this. If your card is not listed above then we recommend buyer’s to discuss with our team by emailing us at or message us on our WhatsApp at +91-9137296327 to know the success rates.


Due the sensitive nature of the chip construction. There is a some possibility of Chip Damage occurring during the EMV Chip Swap procedure. In the off chance of a client’s original EMV chip is damaged during the swap procedure, the client will be notified and asked to request a replacement card from their financial institution/cc company. This will delay the production process.

‘EMV Chip Swap’ procedure overall average is 95% successful, but in the off chance that the chip does not function when a client attempts a transaction; the registers EMV Bypass protocol will take effect; forcing the client to SWIPE the card; thus allowing the client to complete a transaction.

NOTE: We only charge for metal frame of card and not for transfer process. Buyer has option to do self-transfer or they can send it to us and we will do the transfer process for at no cost. Transplant/chip swap procedure overall average success rate is around 95% and we recommend you to provide American Express cards and Visa Cards for highest success rates other cards can also be transferred but has lower success rates than AMEX and Visa Cards. Same goes for magnetic strip, some cards strips won’t work even when data is transferred because they’re non-transferable and unfortunately we don’t have that much information about which cards are transferable.

Due to sensitive nature of the chip construction some card’s chip and also stripes don’t work after transfer. So there is some possibility of chip damage occurring during the EMV Chip Swap procedure and we don’t take any responsibility or provide refunds in this case, as it depends on bank cards chip quality and its not manufactured by us, as mentioned before we only charge for metal card frame and not for the transfer process.

The laboratory at Titan Cards is perfecting the procedure daily. Rest assured our laboratory techs will apply great care to the construction of your New Metal Credit/Debit Card.

Financial Safety

​Your financial safety is our priority. 


We only use secure and tracked shipping in discreet unbranded packaging.


​Our equipment is highly secure and does not store any personal or sensitive card information. 

Card Data

All payments are processed via our PCI compliant payment merchant.

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