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AMEX Black Card

Custom Metal Credit & Debit Cards

Create your own custom design or choose from one of our best sellers.

How It Works


​Create your own Custom Design or choose from one of our Best Sellers. Once you have chosen your design complete the order details.


After order shipping details and mockup for your design will be emailed. ​Freeze your card and ship it to us or you can self-transfer the chip if you prefer not to ship.


We begin working on your card straight away. This means that when your card arrives, we can simply complete the chip and magnetic transfer process.


We ship back your old card along with your new custom metal credit cards back within 1-2 days depending upon the card you ordered with tracked shipping.

Our Vision

​For many decades Metal Credit/Debit Cards were only reserved for the wealthy elite. Until now! TitanCards is specialized in making the world's most Heaviest and Luxurious Custom Metal Cards because we believe you deserve better than plastic. Each card is a true art piece made for your pocket. No more spending a fortune just to own a luxury metal card. This is TitanCards.

AMEX Centurion Card Replica

​Rare & Exclusive.

​Each card is individually crafted and hand-finished to be the only one like it in the world. With a precise laser a beautiful design is engraved on your card just like magic.

​Heavier than any Card.

​A heavy card was not enough for us. So we made the World's Heaviest Luxury Metal Card. With 28 grams this card will make a true difference which you can feel. Say Goodbye to plastic.

Best Sellers

Financial Safety

​Your financial safety is our priority. 


We only use secure and tracked shipping in discreet unbranded packaging.


​Our equipment is highly secure and does not store any personal or sensitive card information. 

Card Data

All payments are processed via our PCI compliant payment merchant.

  • Where is my custom metal card accepted for use?
    You will have the convenience of using your newly acquired metal card globally, as it functions in the same manner as your conventional plastic card. Our process involves the seamless migration of your EMV chip and magnetic strip from your existing plastic or metal card to our innovative metal card. As a result, your metal card will mirror the functionality of your plastic card, with the exception of the 'Tap and Pay' feature, which will be deactivated. Nonetheless, you will retain the capability to make secure contactless payments via your smartphone.
  • How do i place my order?
    Choose your preferred card and proceed to the checkout. For any specific design requests, feel free to reach out to us at, or you can contact us via WhatsApp at +91 9137296327. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email from us outlining the information we need for the card engraving process. Additionally, if you opt to send your card to us for the transfer of chip and magnetic strip data, we will provide you with shipping instructions within 12 hours. You have the flexibility to include any desired details, and our design can be tailored to your preferences. After you provide the necessary information, we will send you a mockup (design file) of your card for your review and confirmation. For more details visit our 'How it works' Page.
  • Can i use my own design?
    Certainly, to initiate the process of acquiring a fully customized card, we kindly recommend placing an order for our "Full Custom Card" option and establishing contact with our professional designers through the following channels: or WhatsApp. When submitting your design or logo, we request that you provide it in high resolution, preferably in a vector format (svg) or with a transparent background. Our team possesses the capability to collaborate on a wide range of design concepts. Please be aware that our laser technology is unable to engrave cards with multiple colors. It's essential to note that the customization of your card is entirely at your discretion, and you, as the buyer, assume full responsibility for the content. Our Credentials will not be held liable for any potential trademark infringements or copyright claims.
  • Do you accept international orders?
    Our services extend to the acceptance of international Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards. This includes cards issued in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore, and more. To proceed, we kindly ask that you dispatch your original card via reputable courier services such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Comprehensive shipping instructions will be furnished subsequent to your purchase. To know more check our Shipping Policy
  • What options are available if I choose not to send my card to you for shipment?
    You have the choice to send your card to us for the purpose of transferring both chip and magnetic strip data. If you prefer not to send your card to us, an alternative option is available, wherein we will provide you with comprehensive instructions and a video link for the self-transfer of the chip, subsequent to your purchase. It is worth noting that magnetic strip data transfer is optional, and its relevance is limited, as most Point of Sale (POS) systems and ATMs can function effectively without it.
  • Are you able to facilitate the conversion of existing metal cards into your customized metal card designs as well?
    Certainly! We possess the capability to transform various metal card offerings, such as AMEX Platinum, N26, and Revolut, into customized metal card designs of your choice.
  • Is my card safe with you?
    Titan Cards takes the utmost care of your financial safety. You can also temporary ‘freeze’ your card in your online banking dashboard before shipping it to us. Our equipment does not store any personal data, it simply transfers from A to B. We’re GST registered business (27GASPP7208B1ZE) and a registered exporter since 2019. (Verify here: We have spent thousands of Dollars to create this amazing business focusing primarily on longevity, quality of service and security. We are here to help people by making the world’s best custom luxury cards for everyone and not stealing information (jail is not on our bucket list). We will never ask for your card PIN. However, if you are still concerned, you do have the option to send a card with zero monetary funds available. Or a card that has not been activated or freeze your card during the time we process your order. To know more check our ‘How It Works‘ section.
  • Titan Cards is a credit card company?
    Titan Cards does not function as a credit card provider, and as such, we do not extend credit, administer reward programs, or offer points to our clientele. Our sole specialization lies in enhancing conventional plastic debit/credit cards equipped with magnetic strips, wherein we personalize them with your chosen design, meticulously engraved onto metal substrates. Our approach is distinct, devoid of applications, annual fees, minimum purchase requirements, or credit assessments. You can effortlessly transition your existing plastic card into a premium metal credit card by engaging our services. For additional insights and information, please do not hesitate to reach out. Know more
  • How to avail 'BUY 2 GET 1 FREE' offer?
    You won’t be able to avail this offer directly from our website. We request you to kindly get in touch with our team through WhatsApp at +91 9137296327 or you can email us at for invoice link. Terms: Minimum subtotal for 2 cards should be atleast 230$. Card with the lowest value will be made for free.
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